Canyon Coal

Canyon Coal is a coal exploration and mining company with operations and projects in Mpumalanga and Gauteng provinces of South Africa.

As a mining company operating in a transforming South Africa, Canyon Coal is proud to be doing business and contributing to the transformation of the South African economy and society.

Providing necessary resources for uplifting the South African economy and society through viable, profitable business partnerships as well as unlocking the vast potential of coal resources within its earth, is the core vision that has lead Canyon Coal (Pty) Ltd in their business activities since their establishment. Dedicated to the development and establishment of industry alliances that will further our companies goals of tapping potential for more profitable mining operations, Canyon Coal seeks to be involved with the development and management of coal mines in South Africa As such, we see ourselves as a leading partner committed to arranging joint business ventures with new and established coal mining companies. Just as a natural spring issues life-generating water, Canyon Coal gives back to its partner’s reliability, integrity and honesty in all our dealings and provides the sustainability necessary for life and continued growth in South Africa.