Since the Industrial Revolution, the rapidly-developing technology and industrialization have provided humanity with higher standards of life, and also left us face-to-face with climate change that affects the whole world. Today, with the increased population and skyrocketing consumption, finding solution for the emerging global problems has become one of the main responsibilities of the business world. This responsibility is the most crucial factor that leads Endecore to become more sustainable and make investments by paying even more regard to environmental and social elements. 

The demand for resources increases in a gradual manner in line with population growth, increase in the level of income and urbanization. The topic of “how to reduce our impact on environment and climate change while increasing social welfare” has priority for the mining sector, which makes an indispensable impact on nature while turning resources into economic value. Mining sector is the primary supplier of many industries, and therefore sustainability has a significant importance in the mining sector in terms of the life-cycle of the products used by people. With this awareness, Endecore has placed sustainability at the core of its business model, and manages social, environmental and economic aspects in an integrated manner. Underneath those three main headings, sustainability management is ensured with the principle of governance in many subtitles such as counteracting climate change, biodiversity, occupational health and safety, and working conditions. Effective management is achieved by making risk assessments in mining sites and processing plants with respect to many topics such as energy efficiency, emission management, use of natural resources and land utilization as well as waste, dust and noise management. One of the most important administrative principles of Endecore is stakeholder engagement and social license regarding the mining activities that require intensive engineering and high technical knowledge. Therefore, it is our first priority to inform all our stakeholder groups about our activities with the help of our transparent managerial structure that attaches great importance to dialogue. 

As Endecore, our vision is to become the most dynamic mining company of the world. In line with this vision, our main goal is to ensure sustainable growth by creating a chain of values above all our stakeholders.