Endecore SA has been founded for meeting the increasing electricity consumption needs of South Africa. Currently, we are eyeing to bring 300 MW existing capacity back into service and add another 300 MW new capacity so that we could generate and sell 600 MW in total in the next 5 years for South African power consumers.Our target is to operate with zero industrial accident rate and therefore set an example in the industry. Hence, health and safety is the priority in our company.

Another top important and sensitive topic for Endecore SA is minimizing the environmental effects which may arise due to burning coal. For dealing with probable adverse effects we have employed right expertize and we focus on minimizing negative impacts to the environment.


Meeting South Africa’s increasing energy demand by producing environmentally friendly energy at low cost.

In this context, our mission is to become an energy company that highly contributes to South Africa’s economy through producing energy.


Electric energy consumption is directly proportional with a society’s welfare level. With this in mind, becoming a world-class establishment that shapes the sector with the partnerships that will be held in the souther african region. our vision includes using current energy sources efficiently in South Africa.