While we carry out our operations with determination to ensure high standards of production in different geographies, our road map is always to ensure sustainable mining in addition to international standards. In this labor-intensive process, while providing a source for raw material demand that increase rapidly along with the world population, we considered it our responsibility to make a positive contribution to environment and to our stakeholders. Our journey, which we embarked upon with the vision of following the dynamics that are developing in line with technological advancements and globalization, has turned into the vision of leading those dynamics. 

As you know, mining is one of the earliest occupations of human history. The raw material of everything that has been produced or constructed since the primitive man under the name of civilization has been dug out of the ground. Even the ages have been defined according to the levels mankind has reached in mining. Stone Age, Neolithic Period, Copper Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age. Today, the contributions of mining to national economy in terms of employment, regional development, raw materials security and closing current deficit, and its importance in industrialization are undeniable. When we consider the finished products that have been produced by using raw materials obtained by mining, we can clearly see that mining has been one of the basic elements of civilization since ancient times. 

As a Holding that operates in the mining sector, the core of our business strategy is to manage the social and environmental issues along with economic issues and thus to perform sustainable mining. 

As Menar Holding, we continue our journey towards growth with the principles of respect-for-environment and sustainable mining, and with the target of becoming a worldwide mining company.