Our Values

Trust in labour: Health and safety of our employees is our most important priority. We take preventive measures carefully. Our OHS management is established and implemented with international standards in addition to the requirements of national legislation. We target “zero” accidents through periodically planned in-house trainings.

Loyalty and respect for nature: As a representative of a business sector that gains income from the land, we consider our environmental sensibility as a necessity of being loyal to the land. Our environmental responsibility is not solely for our own kind, but also for all life forms without any distinction.

Patience: An ore is formed through a long process and waits under the ground to be discovered. Menar waits for correct project and collaborations patiently.

Open communication: We prefer an open and lucid communication language in all our areas of activity.

Good neighbors: We fulfill our social responsibilities as a “good neighbor” at every site we are present. We continue to remain in the areas with our social contributions after we complete our mining operations.

Our Strategy

To find “ores” in recruitment as well: To find the most valuable ores in human resources as well. Our projects are managed by a notable team consisted of geologists who are able to combine the latest academic knowledge and the longest field experiences together.

Higher risk, higher reward: “Higher risk higher reward” is a requirement of nature of mining. Therefore a financially strong, scientifically advanced, disciplined management culture has been established.

Partnership in business and in success: We care about the gain of our project partners and stakeholders as much as our gains. We consider that the win-win principle is an essential in order to develop strong collaborations and sustainable success.

Explorative mining: Fields which are under explored with limited technical knowledge are our priority as well. We regularly check mine data archive and compare them with the field data.